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Head of Product

stae is the world's most human-centered urban tech company.

Cities are giant unoptimized computers and stae's goal is to empower people to leverge technology to make cities a better place to live. stae makes it as simple as possible for cities to build vendor and public-facing APIs so that anyone can build on city data.

At stae I've helped to define go-to-market strategy, working directly with city officials and citizens across the country, establishing partnerships with key collaborators in urban tech and establishing a unique brand and voice.

Director of Product - Search and Platform

At GIPHY I led the Product teams for Platform (API) and Search (user-facing relevance and discovery).

I worked directly with Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp and other partners on integrating GIPHY into their applications, scaling the Search API over 25x to a million requests every second and optimizing search relevance for each.

I also help build GIPHY's ETL pipeline and analyics system, first to capture our own data, then extended to partners.

I did a few other things, like manage worldwide content distribution to ensure the lowest possible global latency, optimize search conversion and time on site and identify semerging earch trends and cohorts. I even helped build the first version of GIPHY's ad platform.

Lead Product Manager - Storage and Compute

I joined DigitalOcean to help build the user-friendly cloud, transforming DO from a VPS to something that could grow and adapt with our users--yet remain beautiful and simple.

At DigitalOcean I helped to define and build tools for Storage (block, object, etc), Compute (variable CPU, containers, etc). I personally owned the P&L and execution of the Storage team, adding a new product line that led to significant revenue.

I also helped to define our product process, allowing DO to gain momentum and surpass a $100MM run rate.

Technical Product Manager

I worked at Amazon for almost a decade, working across many products: scaling Prime Video and Kindle Direct Publishing, experimental CX, third party fulfillment and computer vision. Chances are strong that I helped make it easier for boxes to show up on your door, for books to show up in your Kindle and for movies to show up on your TV. Sorry!

neon horse

I started Neon Horse in 2018 to help startups with user research, design, brand strategy, organization and product process. My clients have included companies both big and small. Get in touch if you need my help.